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Schedules Duplicate as Dependent

Schedules Duplicate as Dependent

It would be great if we could split a schedule in two (or more) parts and have it keep the column formatting. Schedule View Templates are a great step for graphics, but I'd like the ability to split a building schedule by floor (or other parameter) and have them be dependent on a primary schedule.


Thank you for your consideration.


I agree that this would give us a lot more flexibility.


There are times when it would be useful to have a schedule on a sheet with a plan that shows only elements relevant to that floor.


Although it is slightly different from how dependent views work now it would be very helpful if dependent schedules could be split by design option, as listing square footages of rooms in multiple options is a common task.  The way schedules currently work you could easily have 10+ schedules, and if you decide they need another column you have to add it to each schedule individually.  These nearly identical schedules also can't be collapsed under one title the way dependent views can.


Great Idea, We typically schedule all of our composite cladding panels (generic models to report all of the ordering info) by type & delivery phase, this information is required on A4 sheets which are passed to procurement & the manufacturer, these schedules are typically over several A4 sheets this would save a lot of duplicating & filtering of schedules.

Just kind of brain storming here how this might work. The View Duplicate as Dependent works by cropping the Dependent Views, so how to accomplish the same thing in a Schedule? I'm thinking the DaD would reference everything EXCEPT the Filter from the "parent". That way each Dependent Schedule could have a different Filter, but the columns, width, sorting and Appearance would change in unison.

This is a great idea. If creating dependent schedules is not possible (programming or whatever), then saving the filter and/or the fields on the schedule template would be also beneficial. This way the filters/fields (and calculated parameters) could be sorted and analyzed in a more efficient way. It would save lots of clicks.

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