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Schedule Sorting/Grouping Header Font Size Control

Schedule Sorting/Grouping Header Font Size Control

Can we please have a font control specifically for schedule headers/footers created under the sorting/grouping tab by selecting the checkboxes.


Currently these headers use the font type that is associated with body text defined in the appearance tab of the ui.

The image shows how I would like to see this font controlled.

Schedule Text.png




Header text style is associated with Header text under the Appearance tab, not the Body text. You can see the font change in the schedule when you set it to a different style but you won't be able to see size change until you place the schedule into a sheet.


Yeah not talking about the main headers, I am talking about the sub-headers created with sorting/grouping.

Here is a snip of a sheet list placed on a sheet with the sub-header text using the 2mm body text and the actual headers using the 15mm text. We either want it to use the header text or even better would be to have its own text as I originally posted.

Thanks for commenting without testing though.




@Mike.FORM oh I see. My bad. should've read more carefully.


Yes please!

There is a workaround to achieve this, but it's not so clean and causes confusion when someone else tries to edit the schedules (


In addition to adjusting the grouping header appearance, it would be nice to be able to do the same for totals and grand totals.


@Aku-J That is how I currently get schedules to look the way I want. I had figured it out through trial and error and it is definitely time consuming.

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