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Schedule Site Survey Points and/or Base Points

Schedule Site Survey Points and/or Base Points

Ability to generate a schedule that includes survey points with label and comment rows.


This feature would very useful, as some jurisdictions I work in have building height limitations and require a schedule showing roof heights over existing and proposed grades. 


Thanks mpukas. Yes exactly, the local jurisdiction is requiring us to develop a schedule for our story plan. We had to manually type each elevation in excel to create a table with a numbering sequence for them to locate them easier. Please add your votes.

Excelente ideia! obrigado pelo envio @rrichterV6PV8 


Hi everyone.

I'm not shure if you mean such things...

It would be nice to add edge points or placement points of any part to schedules. For example foundations, piles and other parts for staking-out at site. As you mentioned: A point naming mechanism is a must have for that. Preferable with a configurable naming rule system to group points logically.


Using a Dynamo script to read placement points, add them to attributes is dangerous, when moving parts and not updating the coordinates by a rerun of the Dynamo script.


When coordinates are accessible for schedule creation, coordinates would automatically update in the schedule when a part is moved. Schedule Filters would reduce the parts seen for these schedules.

Alternative/Additional way would be an annotation family for survey points with a definable point number/name.

A plan based filter for these points shown on a plan. Or a reference to a view to obtain survey points shown in that view.


We miss that very much.

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