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Schedule Keys for Sheets

Schedule Keys for Sheets

I'd like to be able to create schedule keys for sheets. Since we have so little power over sheet order, we have to create parameters to control where a sheet ends up in the sheet list. For us this actually becomes four parameters.


1.) Controls discipline grouping (01_General, 05_Civil, 08_Architectural, etc.)

2.) Controls the discipline heading which appears on the sheet list (GENERAL, CIVIL, ARCHITECTURAL, etc.)

3.) Controls sorting within disciplines (08.0_ARCH_GEN, 08.1_ARCH_DEMO, 08.2_ARCH_SITE, etc.)

4.) Controls browser sorting by design phase (01_SD, 02_CD, 03_ASI). 


If I could make schedule keys for sheets, I could make the third parameter control the other three, eliminating a lot of duplicated work. 


Brilliant idea. I think I must have a very similar parameter structure to organize sheets, and I find maintaining it overly tedious. This would simplify it greatly, eliminating mistakes and saving time to do a simple task.

I agree.  I currently am using a 3rd party software plug-in work around to accomplish this, but if it was able to be built-into Revit then our Projects and time would be better utilized.


I fully agree with this idea! Being able to manage sheets with key schedules would be a huge boon to revit's clunky sheet mechanics.


I agree, this is needed. We've organized our sheets by a project phase text parameter. A key could control the phase for sorting, and a text value for printing in the titleblock etc.


The Key Schedules for Views would be also a must.


This is a great idea!  I voted for it and wish I could vote more.  Here's another great idea in the realm of things that should have key schedule capabilities:


Thank you!

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