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Saving the model's unit as Metric

Saving the model's unit as Metric

A unit-related issue that occurs when I import a Revit model into Navisworks. Here’s how to check for this issue:


1) Export the model designed by Revit to nwc. (This model is designed by Metric unit.)

2) Import the nwc file into Navisworks.

3) Select the entire file in the selection tree.

4) Right-click on the model and select “Units and Transform”.

5) You can check that Model Units are Feet.test.png

6) If you change Feet to Meter, the dimension increases by the conversion ratio.


There is a cause and a result for this.

1) Cause: Because Revit’s internal model unit is imperial, Navisworks is expressing it.

2) Result: We can not tell whether the unit of the model imported into Navisworks is Metric or not. (Imperial model and Metric model can not be distinguished internally.)


I request the following:

When we export a model from Revit, please save the model’s unit as Metric. Or is there another way?



When IT developer reads the Revit model in Navisworks, we can distinguish between the Metric model and the Imperial model.

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If a project is going to be built in an area with metric dimensions....then the project should be designed in metric.  If someone is building a model in imperial that will open all sorts of issues.  A way to know if a model is Imperial in a Metric coordination is to pick an object and check the dimensions.  If you see something like 50.8 mm then someone is using imperial, because who is going to measure 0.8 mm?? 

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