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Could REVIT product development team think of creating a plugin with satellite imaging of sites so that boundaries can be traced and existing building perimeter, etc.?


Now, i screenshot from google, then insert image, then resize image to suit a known dimension on the site.


It would be handy if google maps or a better quality satellite image program could be incorporated to show satellite imaging on site plans as a option.



Ivan Tadic



Better to work with a surveyed plan in Civil 3D or Point Cloud.


But you can work for te satellite image and building on Infraworks, then import to Revit via Formit Pro.


Other option is to import in Revit a CAD (C3D or AutoCAD MAP) that contains a georeferenced satelital image.


im dealing with the same problem here

I have to work with InfraWork and forlIt to just locate the building site and exact coordinate and boundary without have to do the survey in site

it will be a great idea if they add map plugin

thank you anyway to bring this topic in

Ivan, over here across the ditch I use LINZ and Koordinates to generate a dwg with the property lines and satellite image which I can link into a view and have them come in correctly oriented and to scale. Unfortunately this link has to be by view since there is an image so end up having to link the same file multiple times. With LINZ and Koordinates I can choose additional layers like building outlines, property data, etc. For some locations can also get kerbs of streets and council services like stormwater and sewer pipes. 

I think this means that I get most of what you are asking for, but this is not really enough. I'd like to see the ability to attach an image precisely to topography as a X/Y projection, and ideally include DWG as an image format for that purpose. The ability to directly link in the correct satellite imagery, import the topography, and buildings without leaving Revit would also be helpful - this would be pretty much as per the FormIt addin but with native Revit geometry (FormIt doesn't create topography, just a mesh the shape of the ground).

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