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Rule Based Workset Assignments

Rule Based Workset Assignments

As a BIM Manager, I don't want to have to train a project team to understand the logic behind what goes on what worksets for each project. I want to be able to configure a series of rules and those rules will be used to automatically assign what objects go on what worksets.


All Revit links go on Workset X


All Entourage and families specifically selected by type go on Workset X


All stairs and walls and curtain systems of types X, X, and X go on the "Core and Shell" Workset...



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Hi @Anonymous ,

seems Autodesk didn't listen yet. We did ;). Have a look here, I think our little tool is exactly what you are looking for (besides the links, for the moment). Set and forget is king!

The tool can even fix wrong workset assignment in retrospective, so no need to have endless "check workset" views.

Let me know what you think!


(disclaimer: I'm the developer and I'm more than happy to make further improvements to this!)

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