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Routing Preferences and fittings

Routing Preferences and fittings

Its great that the autodesk library gives fittings like wyes and ptraps but they are completely useless if you have no way of automating them in the routing preferences. In the families we can select Wyes in the fitting type but only Tees are acceptable in the routing preference. Adding double wyes or any other double fitting is also difficult and a waste of time at the moment. That should probably have its own idea post however it is related. Also I am aware that a sanitary Tee can change its angle to 45 degrees however that is a lazy solution to a real problem when projects can potentially have 10000 or more fittings and you are trying to work efficiently and need to schedule them properly. same goes for HVAC fittings. The routing preferences dialog was a good start maybe 10 years ago but it needs a serious upgrade

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I think us, like a lot of users have just accepted the way this has "worked" for a long time now but think this could be an area of improvement.  the fact that people have moved on is probably why there's not be more tangible support for something like this but I'd say most people would probably welcome any improvement.

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I can confirm, this is still a problem in Revit 2019. The only way to properly use a wye fitting is to place a fitting manually on the pipe first and then connect to it with a fitting. If a tee is created automatically, there is no way to change the family type to a wye without deleting the fitting and placing the desired wye fitting manually.


Replying to bump this up.


Routing preferences need a overhaul so that we don't have to buy $3500 addins to do something that Revit should be able to do by now. 


Specify routing preferences by angle, size, and reducing vs straight tees. Could even add hangers and stuff. But maybe Trimble is paying them to not add that functionality so that their addins continue to be needed.


Yet another thing that I am shocked it has been left in such an incomplete state for years. We already have a list of fittings that has some sort of hierarchy to it (its clearly trying to use the top fitting first, then gives an error when that one doesn't work). Why add that in but not any further functionality? Why even have the list at all if only 1 fitting is being used? It so intuitive that it would work that way that many of us are very confused when we discover that isn't how it works.

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