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Round Up function integrated in 'Field Format' of schedules.

Round Up function integrated in 'Field Format' of schedules.

Under schedule properties we can use rounding via Formatting -> Field Format, for the parameter Length.

Introduce Roundup in this environment, so a calculated parameter isn't necessary. When I need 0,1 meter pipe, I wan't to see 1 meter in my schedules without making a calculated parameter.  


Do you mean "number of decimals displayed"? Like the fields in Autocad? Or like in Excel? If displaying less decimals is what you really want, that should be easy to implement.

If you're asking for a ROUND / ROUNDUP function, that could be a bit difficult. Or like "Calculate as displayed" option in Excel.

Rounding affects sums and totals. Only the end-user should decide what rounding works best: individual rounding of every item, or just rounding the grand total of all items. Anyhow, a single general rule may not apply for all situations, that's why i consider safer to export all the "raw" data in Excel, and do my roundings as i see fit in Excel.


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Thanks for your response. 


I've attached 2 pictures to clearify what i'm searching for.

I'm searching for a way to round up my pipe lengts to a meter. In the example below i've got 5,4 meters of pipe (2x 2,7 meters). In this case, i's like to have a round up function for the length of the pipes. This doesn't need to be in the grand total, as I can fix this with sorting and calculating totals. 

Pipes m rounded.pngpipes mm not rounded.png

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