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Room separation line update: Disallow join, aware of room bounding walls

Room separation line update: Disallow join, aware of room bounding walls

Room separation lines have two major issues that are exposed int the Revit Warnings dialog:


  1. Room separation lines do not have a "Disallow Join". Walls have a "Disallow Join" property that allows the user to specify exactly where they terminate. Room separation lines do not have this property and need it. Room separation lines connect to the center line of walls. When a room separation line and a wall corner join they overlap, and generate a "A wall and a room separation line overlap." error.  It's both time consuming and very finicky to remove the error, since the room separation line must be pulled back far enough to keep the line from auto-joining, but not so far to stop bounding the room.  This can also create be a graphical issues if the line needs to be seen as continuous from corner to corner.
  2. Room separation lines do not know if the wall they overlap with are room bounding. There are some wall configurations that don't room bound properly, like a wall with a sloped top or other edited profiles.  A room separation line is needed for the rooms adjacent to such a wall.  Unfortunatly, even if that wall that doesn't bound the rooms has "Room Bounding" unchecked it still generates the error "A wall and a room separation line overlap."  There is no way to both eliminate the error and have the rooms bound because there is no way to shorten the room bounding line.  If the wall the line overlaps with is not room bounding, no error should be generated.

There is no need for a room separation line to join with a wall. They are different categories of elements and never need that relationship. Please fix this autodesk.


 I had one finicky wall join at a simple 90 degree corner that refused to cleanup. Revit insisted there was only one wall join option available, and no manual dragging of endpoints, trimming, recreating, splitting, etc, could resolve the issue. I pinpointed the problem to a particular level when I modified the top constraints level by level until it broke.


The culprit - the walls in question overlapped room separation lines at one level, causing the wall and revit to lose its mind. I can think of no reason for why a room separation line should have any joining behavior with a wall. As challenging as wall joins can be, I'm disappointed to find one more thing I have to keep track of when trying to troubleshoot them.


I Agree with this post. The behavior of room separation lines makes them way more trouble than they are worth. If you happen to want to adjust one that is parallel to a wall and starts near the wall's end (like at the outside corner of 2 intersecting walls), moving the separation line moves the wall also since Revit insists on creating joins and associations where non should exist. Revit LT 2018 has no way to keep the room separation wall from joining.

In addition, there is no way to turn off the visibility of these lines in plan and 3-D views - the Help Desk solution to use Visibility Graphics is incorrect since there is no category for Room Separation Lines.

Previous versions of Revit had this capability - where did it go?


Room separation lines can be turned off under Model>Lines>Room Separation Lines (Unless Revit LT restricts visibility options?)


Agreed. This situation produces undue warnings and should be repaired in the interest of overall model performance. I look forward to this being addressed.


Hey it's 2021 and I'm a new user encountering this for the first time. Great to know it hasn't been resolved at all.


Yes, it looks like it wasn't @jim3DCPQ . This is a big issue. Please solve this.


This remains an issue. Room Separation lines should have no relationship with walls. Makes modifying separation lines extremely finicky. Surely an easy fix, Autodesk?


It makes absolutely no sense that there is no option to disable auto-join of room seperation lines! Please fix!

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