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Room Calculation Point - Instance Control of Location

Room Calculation Point - Instance Control of Location

Currently Room Calculation Points in Families are set to a fixed location, but there are many instances where an object sometimes sits inside the room it's associated with and sometimes sits outside. The current workaround using invisible lines controlled by instance parameters to trick the family into believing its centroid is in a different position is both flakey and ridiculous considering the Room Calculation Point exists. 


We need is to be able to apply a dimension and an instance parameter to the Room Calculation Point in the family editor or have the ability to move the Room Calculation Point for an instance within the project. Surely the image below wouldn't be difficult to achieve?RoomCalc.PNG


Recently worked on interiors wayfinding project... my office has signage family that has a room calculation point that looks like it should be editable as an instance in the project and yet lo and behold you can only edit family and save it out as different family with moved calculation point so that revit schedules can pick up the room your sign is host in even though outside of room. In large projects this is a hassle to have muliple families.


I never creating families with room calculation is the family just made wrong...? Or is this a Revit Limitation which needs to be adjusted...


Recap  Room Calculation points on signage should be editable in the project and not hte family level for project. Any guidance or amens would be greatly appreciated.


I just ran into a scenario where we had some Air Terminals that we wanted to schedule per level. Some of them were up in plenum space above our actual Spaces, but should be scheduled and calculated with the others on that Level. If we could just adjust the Room Calc points for those couple of Air Terminals to be down within the space, we'd be done, but now we are left with some manual work to figure out where they all are.


Allowing instance adjustment of the room calc points would be great for this.


This would be very advantageous for doors too. Most doors open into the room that you wish to associate them to however sometimes you have doors to stores/ cupboards/ service risers etc. these doors open out but need to be linked to the room they are connected with.


I do hope that this wish list item is picked up as its requested by numerous people on different wish lists. It would be nice to be able to connect those lists together so that all votes are totalled!

This isn't required for doors. The To Room / From Room parameter can be changed from a schedule and doesn't affect the actual swing direction of the door.

Hi Alex,

That's the problem! I don't want users to have to do that job manually, its time consuming and prone to errors!

If it was a visual thing in the model (but instance based rather than family) it would work as good as it has done in AutoCAD Architecture for years!


Allowing the room calculation point to be adjustable within the project environment would also be  nice for VAV boxes and the rooms/spaces they are serving.  Sometimes the VAV box is located in the corridor but is serving the room adjacent to it.  


I completely agree with "casquatch", instance adjustment of the room calc points would be very beneficial for doors.  Because of this lack of this option, we have 2 families of each type of door.  I am manifesting this!


Please put the activation of the Room Calculation Point on a Yes/No parameter.

Please put flipping the direction of the Room Calculation Point on a Yes/No parameter.

Please put the location of the Room calculation point on Length parameters.

It is crazy that after all these years we still have to maintain duplicate families just for the variations in Room Calculation Point direction and distances. Please fix this.


Agreed this functionality really should be added by now! Below is the workaround we use (MEP devices with linked models so we usually use spaces but same logic applies to rooms):

  1. Create a yes/no project parameter. Create project parameters for room number and name. In a schedule, create a calculated value parameter; one for room number, one for room name. Create a formula to use the 'Revit information unless the yes/no parameter is checked, in which case room number and name will be manually entered.



  2. API for the manual information - unless you have in-house software development or the skills yourself, we use RF Tools, specifically Parameter Linker, to create a relationship between parameters of source/destination elements. This allows you to copy the room number/name info as well as visually review for changes and keep them updated.



    Not ideal but it's the next best thing.



Was raised by our team yesterday.  Would be great if these points could be moved individually.  Alternatively, would be great to overridge the calculation point space:name space:number if one doesn't exist.



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