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Roof Sloped Structure & Insulation

Roof Sloped Structure & Insulation

I should be able to, using any combination of roof tools in Revit, create a Roof which has a sloped bottom (sloped structure) and sloped top (tapered insulation). This is an exceedingly common occurrence in just about every low slope roof I've ever designed. Why is it that currently I can do only one or the other? Has anyone at Autodesk built anything ever? And I guess I have to recreate this idea from 4 years ago because this forum is so cluttered nobody can find anything.




I want to be able to model a simple rectilinear roof with a flat deck and tapered insulation. Currently "variable" thickness within the roof assembly properties does not apply to roofs with a defined slope. Yes, I can model it using Modify Sub Elements, however, when a defining wall moves, the slopes need to be recalculated.  This renders the Modify Sub Elements time intensive, especially in the real world of architecture, where design changes are constant. Why wouldn't the variable thickness work with slope defined roofs? Slope define roofs are easy to manage; making variable thickness compatible with slope define roofs would make them even more powerful.


Variable thickness - Defines slope vs Modify Sub Elements.PNG


Hi, @adaversa ,


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I too want to do this.


It's also impossible to calculate every edge in a shape that is relatively simple, and come out with a continuous slope on the top.

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