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Roof Layer Extensions

Roof Layer Extensions

Similar to the wall layer extensions where we can unlock the layers of the wall in the structural assembly dialogue, and change the top and bottom extension in the wall's instance properties, it would be really useful to have similar functions with the layers of the roof.


For example, a shingle roof has a framing layer that is locked, then a sheathing layer that is unlocked with a 3/4" extension, and then a asphalt shingle layer with a 1 1/4" extension.  This would give me a more accurate eave section profile.


Right now I have to do this manually by having framing type roof, a sheathing type roof, and a shingle type roof all separate and stacked.  This gets really messy, especially with a hipped roof that has different slopes on each face (the stacked roofs will never align on all 4 sides).  Alternatively, it could be done with sweeps or void sweeps, but this is getting to be too intensive with modeling management.


You have to wonder why this simply doesn't exist already.... 

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Roofs should be able to be edited like a wall, such that the layers should be able to be separated and dragged with a shape handle.  Would save time modelling two roofs when adding fascia and gutters.

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