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Right Click - Temporarily hide/isolate

Right Click - Temporarily hide/isolate

The right click option to Hide in View is a last resort to managing views and visibility of model elements. Hiding objects this way it can be difficult/impossible to manage and is often a source of confusion. I find most people use this tool en lieu of "Temporarily hide/isolate" because of convenience of the right click and not understanding the fundamental difference between the two hide options. Where possible it best practice to manage views through view templates. It would be great to see Temporarily hide/isolate added to the right click option. I would prefer Hide in View be less convenient. Hide in View should be discouraged because it creates so many headaches when managing views although sometimes it a necessary evil.  Additionally, "Reset all" would be a nice addition to Hide in View.


Not to be facetious but teach people to use keyboard shortcuts - how is H+I slower than right click>another click>another click?


Good point. I think I will incorporate that short-cut. However, in my experience, most architects or to be architects learn programs like Revit on the fly without a lot of training. Hide in View is the most common tool I see people used to hide objects, even if it is only intended to be temporary... there is something about right clicking that makes it more accessible or intuitive for most people. It may be not be logical but in my experience it is how people work when they are modeling and an object is in their way. When we have hidden linked files with thousands of objects trying to unhide something in this manner is extremely tedious. Software should be intuitive and conform to people and not other way around.


Al least remove "Hide In View" from the right click menu, to discourage its use.

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