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Revit Wall Opening Properties Dialogue Order Confusing

Revit Wall Opening Properties Dialogue Order Confusing

The Order of the properties for a wall opening are confusing and I know at least I spend half my time dealing with error messages cause I am inputting the right data in the wrong cell as I am following the same format as walls. IE specifying the top level is 0 from the Level and the base is 2000 above Level....

looking at the layout of the properties dialogue you will see the numerical part is Top First then Base, but then the level associate Base is first then Top.

Be nice to reorder this in the same way as walls are controlled

Base Constraint

Base Offset

Top Constraint

Top Offset

See screen shots of Wall Dialogue and Wall Opening Dialogue

Base NumeralWall Dialogue.JPGOpen Dialogue.JPG





I like the proposed change, but I would go a bit further and make a few more refinements to make the Property Palette more user-friendly:




#Elevation is the height above Survey/Project Base Point

Items like Wall Joins / Wrapping / Paint are per instance items that are missing from Revit at present, but should be incorporated into the element properties.


@krzystoff Bare in mind that a dialogue box like that will take up drawing area real estate, for me personally I could live with that as I like the layout, others however would not be so keen.

The other thing to note is there seems to be mix of instance and type properties

ie Length (instance) & width (type)


I agree that the whole Revit Interface can be cluttered, especially if you
have to work on a single small (<30in) monitor, but depending on your
layout the pallette arrangement can work better horizontally or vertically
(on that note, a Tile Horizontally would be far more useful than the
current equal grid function).

I think the Revit UI team could learn a great deal about interface design
from their cousins on the 3DS and Alias teams.

eg. Material Editing:
[image: 3DSMax_MaterialEditor.jpg]

Browser Tree:
[image: Max2021_browser tree style.png]

Edit Controls right at the Mouse Cursor,
Customisable Floating Toolbars make the Fixed Palettes and Ribbon redundant:
[image: image_2020-10-21_112702.png]
If only Revit had a UI like either of these, it could be vastly more

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