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Revit Structure independent module

Revit Structure independent module

It would be great to have an independent module of Revit structure, without:

  1. Architecture
  2. MEP
  3. Landscape
  4. Energy analysis
  5. Other non-structural tools 

It makes no sense to a Structural Engineer or an engineering firm to be paying for all the modules in a software when you only have to use a 10% of it. It would be best to have a more tailored product which is more cost-effective and a customer only buys the tools of their discipline, all inside the same Revit environment. 


So instead of hiding tabs that I don't use, I'd rather don't have them and pay a lower cost, which will make it a more affordable choice between other software for BIM modelling of structures. 


It would be much appreciated by the structural engineering community.



Funny you think Autodesk would remove features and lower the price. No, you would get just the structural tools at the same price.


Well, there's no harm asking for it. 😅


Most, if not all, of that stuff would still need to exist in your Revit program though, assuming you are working with linked or imported models. Even if you don't use the tools, your program still needs to be able to process all of that information.


Yeah, but that's not usually the case for many companies. There are projects where no one else works in a BIM environment, or where they send an IFC of their model and not their Revit model. And to open an IFC doesn't require those tools. 


Anyway, one thing is to link a model or IFC and other completely different is to being able to model that (arch, MEP) from scratch, which is not necessary.  


So you want a stripped down Revit version that only supports structural tools and imported IFC models, while not supporting other imported/linked Revit models. You are getting more and more niche with every comment.


Listen, I wouldn't be upset if they did this (other than the fact that they spent the time on this rather than something more useful for the entire user base), I'm just trying to explain why there's no chance this will ever happen. And this is without even considering the financial aspect as was initially brought up.


understand why you want it but this one will never be implemented however many votes it get. 

if they do it. everyone want imported IFC as linked model and not revit model and then you have competion who might be making better software. (lets face it there are programs that beat revit at certain areas and are better for certain tasks). Revit is one of the best, if not the best software when it comes to covering all disciplins but falls behind when comes to specific disciplines, spliting it up wiould open up for competetors. in other words good for us consumers but bad for buisness. 

so lets vote this one up to the sky=)

This is available as Revit versions up to 2009. Also available with a perpetual license. Personally I hated it, having Revit Services on my desk and not being able to do "architectural" things like show hidden lines, the definition of what was used by each discipline seemed somewhat arbitrary.


You can of course turn off the services and architectural tabs (and all the others) and show only structural now, it even disables the shortcuts that go to those tools.


Re IFC, when Revit opens an IFC file it converts it to a working Revit file, after you open one, you can see, and edit, this file in the same folder as the IFC, this means you do need architectural, structural and services components in Revit to create the working file.


Thank you all for your insight! 

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