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Engineers need those tools! Really. 

  1. Structural engineers need a tool that create a SHAPE DETAIL! (And the relative tag, that can be personalized as we want, EG: Quantity ødiameter/spacing lenght and so on ---> 1ø8/15 L=xxx) Example image 1
  2. Structural engineers need a tool that make a detail of the reinforcement in plan view. Is the same of the symbol of area reinforcement BUT it would be great if it can be available for a single group of rebar. (And the relative tag, that can be personalized as we want, EG: Quantity ødiameter/spacing lenght and so on ---> 1ø8/15 L=xxx) Example image 2
  3. The reinforcement steel is counted in KG so it's needed a parameter WEIGHT that can be personalized. I mean, rebar has his own material with his specific weight. If we have the volume of a rebar we also have the weight of it.
  4. If you can do a SHAPE DETAIL, it would be super cool if the same detail can be popped up in the schedules.
  5. It would be really really really great if there's a tool that generates automatic reinforcement based on some parametersthat we can assign by a palette. But this isn't really needed. It's only an idea.

All of this features can be done with plug-ins, but they are not optimized well. Most of them really suck and they slow down revit and the entire workflow.

This 4/5 topics can be really helpfull to the most of the engineers. 


Don't waste your breath on it. You can create such labels yourself by creating custom annotation families.

Or you can use such already-available families in Graitec or Sofistik extensions for revit.

Autodesk is hard-setted on creating the most unusefull software on the planet.

Revit is just like Autocad : Jack of all trades, Master of None.

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I have sofistik and graitec tools but those are not good. I mean: sofistik slows down revit. You must use his numbering tools, you must use his detail tool and so on. If u are a structural engineer you must use sofistik and his entire tools, if you don’t do that the whole model F@#&S up. 

I tried to go away from those plug ins. Also I made an entire army of custom annotation. For aaaal the forms, but those are manual and not linked directly on the model. If I change a rebar, my annotation remain in the same form. 

The engineer don’t want to pay extra cash for some plug ins that are working not fine, or are not really perfect. 

We need these tools, at least shape detailing!


if autodesk continue to fix **** and not the real problems... I will create so many posts that the entire autodesk idea forum will be full


@Anonymous: Autodesk never did any real structural detailing software. Back in the days of the glorious Autocad there was Autodesk Structural Detailing (ASD) - acquired from Robobat. Then it was Advance Concrete - bought from Graitec. Then it was Parametric rebar extension for Revit, also bought from Graitec. All of those are closed now.

That's the ways of Autodesk. I often think about switching to tekla or allplan.

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I work with both of the programs (allplan e Revit) and when I turn into revit I get crazy. Really Allplan is perfect for reinforcement but isn’t so easy to use. That’s why I continue to push in Revit ideas forum. Revit is a great program that has some lacks. One of them is the structural part. I see some improvement with the steel connection but is not enough. 

I believe in autodesk that can turn it up and make it lit.


Autodesk has no real interest in listening to structural detailers. Autodesk is completely opaque to any simple requests (like 'rebar shape detail'). I gave up wishful thinking long time ago.

Allplan does reinforcement detailing better than Revit.

Tekla is doing steel detailing better than Revit.

Autocad is doing more (much more) precise drafting than Revit.

I really fail to see the Revit's reason of existence ! Revit = jack all all trades, master of none.


P.S. It's not just structural detailers complaining. HVAC and electrical detailers are also complaining (something about the lack of isometric assembly drawing for pipes).

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....we all would like to see something like this one day...... 


Kind regards.





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