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Revit Site Designer Unlink Toposurface from Site Designer

Revit Site Designer Unlink Toposurface from Site Designer

It would be convenient to "unlink" a toposurface from Site Designer with a button in the Site Designer tab.


Currently, if you want to "unlink" a toposurface from the Site Designer features, without having toposurfaces disappear from your project, you need to:


1) Create the new "Base Toposurface" using ONLY the "linked" Site Designer toposurface.




2) Use "Massing & Site" -> "Split Surface" on "linked" Site Designer toposurface -> Merge "linked" surface into newly created surface using "Merge Surfaces" -> Choose new "Base Toposurface" using Site Designer's "Set Base Toposurface"


There may be other methods of removing the link that I'm not aware of, but that is the workaround I've found that prevents deleting topography.


Having a button that would remove the connection to Site Designer would be useful since multiple surfaces can't use Site Designer at the same time (see another idea I've posted).

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