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Revit should cleanup temporary / backup files

Revit should cleanup temporary / backup files

Revit creates a 'backup' folder for Workshared projects, which contains a large number of RWS/DAT/SLOG files, which serve no apparent purpose for the user, nor are these file usable for 'restoring' as the name implies.

These files are left even after the project file is synced and closed, and remain until they are deleted manually by the user.  They are substantial in size -- every time you saveas a new file, a new backup folder is created with it's own temporary files, which are roughly the same size as the project RVT file. They can be deleted safely, provided no user is currently working on / is yet to sync there project, without any ill effect.


I would just ask that Revit manages these automatically and cleans up it's own mess, or at least keep all of this in a central temporary folder where Windows/Server can be instructed to periodically take out the trash.



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Those folders are used to show the History of the file, to restore backups, and by the Worksharing Monitor.

Contrary to what you say, they can be used to Restore an older version of a Central file. You just can't directly open them.

There's an icon in the Collaboration Tab called Restore Backup that can recover andolder version

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