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Revit Recovery after Revit crashes / Local cache autosaved setting

Revit Recovery after Revit crashes / Local cache autosaved setting


it would have a way to get a "Revit File Recovery" for projects saved on bim 360 document management


To implement an option to Autosaved on the local cache those bim 360 projects and in case the file crashes, at the re opening of Revit , Revit should displays "the recovery of your file xxxxxxx.rvt is located under this path : C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local..." by indicating the path where the local cache is saved it would help user because the path and the folder names are a kind of weird.

Then the "Autosaved" function would come with a set up....similar at Autocad, to trigger the action of the Autosaved after a command is completed (not during processing command).


Thank you

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It will be really helpful

And the recovery file has no link anymore to the online model. This can also be addressed as a problem. Re-initializing a new cloud model may not be an option anymore, due to continues work by others.



anybody home autodesk???????

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