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Revit losing multiple instances when linked with 3Ds Max

Revit losing multiple instances when linked with 3Ds Max

This query is regarding the issue of the workflow between linking a Revit file within 3Ds Max.
We are working on a large site development plan with multiple copies of the same instances, for example we have 4 houses with the same type (A-1) with the same house Revit link, and 10 houses from another link (A-2).

The problem lies when we try to link the Revit file into 3ds Max to render it, we lose all the copies of the same Revit link, making only 1 copy of the house type A-2, and 1 copy of the house type A-2.


Our house type models are created in individual Revit files, which are linked to a master file which we link with 3Ds Max.


Linking with 3Ds Max and Revit needs to be more seamless.

Revit originalRevit original3ds max import3ds max import

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