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Revit Keynote Legend Manager

Revit Keynote Legend Manager

Revit needs to have a built-in Keynote Legend Manager/Editor where the keynote values and descriptions can be created/edited and managed from within Revit.

  • Heading, Sub-Headings/Values should also be visible in the Keynote Legend when placed onto sheets with the option of alignments (left, centre or right).
  • An option of ALL Keynotes relating to the project should be allowed to be visible in the Keynote Legend (whether tagged to an element/material or not).
  • The option of setting a font style for Headings and Sub-Headings to the Keynote Legend.
  • The option to Export the Keynote Legend to Excel or to a csv file.

Yes! Built-in keynoting needs to be a thing. Also needs to have multi-user support. 

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