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Revit Keynote Legend by Phase

Revit Keynote Legend by Phase

We would like the ability to filter Keynotes by Phase of tagged element. Keynotes relate to an element's phase, so it would be beneficial to filter a Keynote Legend based on the elements tagged. Many times there is a Demolition and New Construction view on the same page, but it is required to separate the Keynote Legends.


If the Keynote could inherit the Phase of the tagged element, and that Phasing information is opened up to be scheduled we might end up with something similar to the proposed prop below;

Proposed Keynote Props.jpg


 The Phasing info would not be editable in the Keynote Tag (params are greyed out), because it inherits the data. But the Keynote being able to pass this info would allow for scheduling, which would allow for filtering based on Phase; 

Proposed Keynote Schedule.jpg


Without this information accessible, separating Keynote Legends on the same sheet is a process that removes intelligence from Revit and causes users to "CAD" their Revit drawings.


Please make Phase available in Keynote Legends.

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In families and materials I use a keynote that corresponds with the article number used in my quantity survey or bill of materials. I then export the schedules to txt and import these in Excel to make up my quantity survey.


However, in a quantity survey or bill of materials a demolished wall is not the same article as a new wall, and therefore they need different keynotes in order to be able to differentiate between them.

Being able to schedule by phase is already fine, but it doesn't solve the keynote/article number issue.


To tackle this, it would be useful if there was a possibility to assign a different keynote per phase.


For the time being, I devised a workaround in which I created a shared parameter "Keynote_demo", andfilled in the correct "demolition article number " in my families and materials .

This, combined with schedules by phase (the "new" ones showing the keynote, the "demo" ones showing Keynote_demo) gives me a quantity survey that shows quantities for both phase demolition and new, with the appropriate keynotes/article numbers.


But I much rather like this functionality built-in, instead of having to resort to an extra shared parameter...

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Hi, @J.Wehmer ,


Thank you for your detailed Idea! Here is a similar Idea: Phase dependant keynotes - Autodesk Community that I will combine with yours.



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