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Revit - Impove Dormer

Revit - Impove Dormer

Dormers should be improved in some situations.

For instance here is a situation : we've got a mansard roof that has 2 slopes on mansards (see attached file). Thus, we need to create roof with sub elements. (Revit does not let us to add arrows that do not start on a sketch segment).

We've got dormers at multiple places, and walls are attached to the roof for drawing/graphical consistency.

For some reasons (maybe the roof created by sub elements?), Revit does not let us create dormers at somes places. We've got the message "Impossible de conserver le joint entre le toit et le mur" (see attached image).

It would be great if Revit improve dormers creation.

The only "workaround" we have used is to detach walls from roof (graphical consistency is lost), create a generic model family with rectangular void and cut the roof. It works well, but the result is not really perfect.



@RECArchi - I often have dormers in my models, albeit UK style dormers rather than mansard type shown.  I created a dormer family rather than creating them from individual elements and grouping.  It works a treat and saves me tons of time.  Relatively easy to adapt if I need different variations too.



Yes, it's another solution. Thank you for your help.

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