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Revit Fabrication Project Information in Reports

Revit Fabrication Project Information in Reports

We recently had a request for Revit Project Information to be available in Fabrication Reports. 






Without this or the access to the project information parameters that are used by default in reports we cant actually fill out our report headers without using 3rd party software. This would be very helpful. Even if we can't access the revit project information, giving us the ability to write to the fabrication database project information would be acceptable.

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Autodesk needs to add the ability to add Revit parameters to the Fabrication MEP reports. We cannot fill out any job information in Revit for the reports. This makes the reports useless to us in Revit. We will need to MAJ out and run the reports in CAD. This is hugely disappointing. Do we really need to go through years of asking for functionality in Autodesk products that cant even do what the last software could?  Do you guys consult any end users before throwing this stuff together?  There seems to be no testing involved at the functionality level. 


To a degree I understand why this isn't built in. Revit is built first for architects, then for engineers, and fabricators get what's left. Fabrication CAD was built first and foremost for fabricators. At its core we are not the "target audience" for this software. I think we are lucky to get the fabrication part tools we have now in Revit. There is nothing forcing contractors into abandoning Fabrication CAD. It is still getting a new release every year. What I'm trying to get at is as far as consulting end users is concerned there is not very many of us fabrications using Revit relative to the monopoly of architects and engineers in North America that do. Features for us are just not as important, so the best we can do is keep politely  asking for these features as our user base grows. Until then, just batch stamp the project info onto all your reports with bluebeam or some other editor. I think exporting to CAD to run a report might be a little extreme.


We have the Fabrication Extension which will let you print reports but there is not a dialog box to enter the Job Information that populates in to the Header of our Shop Ticket. This Is very Important as this Information resides with every ticket that we print out.


This is an important feature that is needed for Fabrication reports.



I have the same problem as John. Any solutions?🤔


We are very disappointed that (what looks to be) a simple request for access to the missing project and custom parameters from fabrication still are not implemented. It is what is slowing us down massively to move 100% Revit for years now.


This was asked for over 4 years ago, I know for us we are the most expensive people in the building. We need the ability to write to the 'job info' fields. We can even use C# to get the info automatically but Fabrication needs to funnel the info to the reports.


Time goes by and one of the most easy things to fix is still not there. How much time would it take a Autodeks programmer to do it? Probably a day max. Instead you are concentrating om the very complex stuff. 

Not only in this product, but also in f.i. construction cloud. Start with the low-hanging fruit! It will give us users a lot more to advocate your software.


For Revit Fabrication, the standard issue is not showing any project information in the report's header. Thus it takes a lot of work to identify the reports or need to paste some project information manually in PDF for reference. 


I think it's essential to reflect the project information above any reports. Please take a look so that we can see the project information (Job custom data) in the Fabrication report using .IRP.


I appreciate any help you can provide.









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