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Revit Dark Mode and Cursor on Schedules

Revit Dark Mode and Cursor on Schedules

I know plenty of people have posted about wanting Dark Mode but I'm submitting as well just to do my part and maybe autodesk will listen if enough of us complain that they have yet to put dark mode on revit. 


I'm also very confused as to why they don't have the blinking indicator on schedules as to where you are editing text. I use arrows a lot to edit text on schedules instead of my mouse so I don't have to take my hands off the keyboard while typing and it's annoying that I can't see where the cursor is so I can edit the text.


I'd love for both of these features to get added in to Revit immediately. Thanks


@k.chaseH2K6H ,


Thank you for your submission! The blinking cursor is a great Idea!


As a reminder, posting multiple times about a topic only adds to the mound of thousands of posts and dilutes any votes that may be received. As a general note to everyone, please refer to the helpful tips on posting to Idea Boards.


Thank you!



Hi, @k.chaseH2K6H ,


Since dark mode was implemented in Revit 2024, would you like to submit your idea for the cursor separately?


Thank you for your Idea submission!




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