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Revit Audit Report

Revit Audit Report

When opening a Revit Project file, we usually check the "Audit" box to run an audit on the project in order to fix any errors and corrupt elements.  However Revit does not display or give the option to display an Audit Report.


It would be great if this little feature could be added.  This will allow users to be aware of what errors occurred and what elements were corrupted.  Can this function be added?

  1. When checking the Audit box at the opening stage, there could be 2 check boxes:
    1. Audit - This shall run the normal audit as currently implemented with no option of reporting.
    2. Audit & Report - This shall run an audit and once the project is opened a pop-up window shall be displayed listing an audited report of what was audited, what was corrupt, what was fixed or not, etc., OR
  2. When the Audit box is checked and the Project is opened, the audit runs as normal and once completed and the project is opened, a pop-up window can display requesting from the user "Do you want to view the Audited report?", with options of "Yes or No".

This will help in knowing what errors were found and what elements were corrupted and if they were in-fact fixed or not.  If not fixed, the display report window could suggest solutions on how to have them fixed to prevent any major issues later.


We have had issues on some project files where the file could not be opened as it was "corrupt" and auditing did not help at all.  These errors and corrupt elements lurk in the project file and these could build up over time resulting in corrupt projects and loss of work.

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