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Revit 2024: Creating Datum Elements in 3D view

Revit 2024: Creating Datum Elements in 3D view

For Revit 2024, I believe we should be able to create Levels and Grids in the 3D View. In Revit 2019 or Revit 2020, we were able to view Levels in 3D view, which allowed us to center our building easily in 3D. In Revit 2022, we were able to see grids in 3D view which allowed us to easily display our building with respect to the levels and grids. Finally, in Revit 2023, we were able to measure in 3D. Since the floor plans, elevations, and cross sections are essentially "slices" through the 3D view to create 2D views, if we could create our Datum elements inside of the 3D view, we could use the 3D view as a fast workflow. After we create our datum elements, we can use the base and top constraints to layer our building. As we layer walls, windows, doors, roofs, etc. in the 3D view, we can use the ViewCube to check if everything is constructing properly. The effects of this new workflow is that every elevation can be a mirror image of the sides in 3D views, including  elbows in Levels. Layering will also allow us to easily see the floor plan and elevations at the same time using the ViewCube and make any changes in the Properties Palette. By allowing us to create Levels and Grids in 3D View and mimicking the other views, we can use the 3D view like we are constructing the building in the real world.

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