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Revit 2020 Calculate Window Area

Revit 2020 Calculate Window Area

In the Revit families (windows), the window area (material: glass) in the schedules (Material -> Window) is not calculated correctly.


Material wird falsch berechnet_Fenster.PNG


This is not bug. it's standard Revit calculation.

If you use create in this example glass, then Revit calculate all face of this glass.


Resume : this box have to 6 faces and the Material : area is correct.





Not applicable

if this is not a bug...

maybe the revit standard calculation is the bug?

In addition: When I use curtain walls, the calculation is correct and the glass familie has 6 faces as well...


I am experiencing a similar situation. The comments above are correct, Revit seems to calculate total surface area of all sides of the glass panel, and not just one face like it does for wall materials. 

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