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Revison Bubbles Tool to create from annotation lines - quicker and neater

Revison Bubbles Tool to create from annotation lines - quicker and neater

First attempt at suggesting an improvement.....Hopefully this would be an easy fix  - Drawing revision bubbles as lines in Revit results in a messy shapes with varying bubble sizes that detract from the clarity of drawings. Using the rectangle/shape tools instead, the bubbles are still far too large/course to neatly capture revisions at most drawing scales.


In microstation for example it is possible to select a pre drawn rectangle or circle and convert this instantly to a neat looking annotation bubbles, with parameters available to preset the radius / size / frequency of the bubble shape. Can a feature similar to this be added to Revit? It would save us time and help the clarity of our drawing updates.

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Even better, surely, would be some kind of 'cloud by element' feature where you select an object that has been revised and it gets clouded (and tagged, optionally) without having to even go into sketch mode...  then the revision cloud could be linked to that object and could also mark e.g. a schedule as revised? I could go on...

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I agree the capability of Microstation to allow one to pick an element(s) and generate a cloud would save time.  Also in the Revision Manager window at the lower right-hand side there is an option to change the bubble's arch length which allows some flexibility in placing rectangular bubbles in a neater fashion.  In the idea about "auto-creation" of the bubble maybe REVIT programmers could include a FREE-FORM Bubble option and allow the user to seclect all the elements that would be included in the cloud that way any text or objects outside would be excluded from the bubble limits. 🙂

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