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Revision Schedule - Option to disable "filter by sheet"

Revision Schedule - Option to disable "filter by sheet"

The revision history schedule in the titleblock only shows revisions which have clouds on the current sheet.  Sorta like a keynote schedule with "Filter by sheet" enabled.


My firm has a standard to show all revisions on all sheets.  Currently, this requires that I go through all sheets and use the "Revisions on sheet" button for each sheet individually.  (Or just put text in the titleblock straight into the titleblock instead of a schedule.)


I would appreciate a feature in Revit which lets me show all revisions on all sheets globally.  Probably this would be best as a setting under Manage -> Additional Settings -> Sheet Issues/Revisions.




Hi, @ks2_wmb ,


Here is a link to a similar Idea which refers to adding revisions to multiple sheets. We understand your Idea is more of a global setting so we will keep yours separate, but feel free to add your vote to this one, too.

Change revision on multiple sheets - autodesk


Thank you for your Idea submission!



Hey @ks2_wmb ,


See this add-ins from DZ Studio. Really help dealing with what you're looking for. I've been using for now a few months and this saved me a fair amount of time. Feel free to write to the creator, he's very friendly and he's there to help you improve your work !


It seems to me that unless you are actually using the clouds to highlight something, you could simply use the 'Paste Aligned to Selected Views' option on the Modify tab to place the cloud on every single sheet, you would then not have to go onto more than one sheet. I appreciate this wouldn't work with brand new sheets if they have been created after some revisions have been copied across. 


This seems like a much more efficient way to do it. As I say, only works if you aren't using the clouds for highlighting purposes.

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