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Revision - "alphanumeric" - by Sheets - is unhandable...

Revision - "alphanumeric" - by Sheets - is unhandable...

We made a "alphanumeric"-list  for the way, we use to revision sheets in the region DACH.

(See enclosed example)

First issue is "_", then A, B,... Z, AA, AB, AC...

That can be done with the manual defined list... that's nice and easy...

1. premis: we do numbering by sheet

2. premis: from our usage we know, that we need max.  29, 30 revision on one sheet... but our defined "alphanumeric" has 40 elements, so planty left to not run into troubles.


BUT now the way Revit works:

Imagine you've got 41 sheets issued in the first revision - which is the string "_" , that means I used 41 sequences. And "_" is far away from revision "AM" but then when trying to make a new sequence - no matter if I wanna make a new sheet or at one of the existing sheets a new revision I get this message:

Error - cantnot be ignored:

Revision Number "AA" is used more than once.

So what's the problem... well as I'm trying to create sequence #41, the system is counting "_,A,B...Z, AA, AB,....,AN,AM" these are 40, 41st is "__" and now 42nd would be AA which is already sequence 28... but not used on one sheet.


Feedback from the development-team:

That's not an issue, that's a feature.


So we're having at some stages more than hundred sheets in one RVT-File... so our customized numbering ist a list with more than 1.200 elements... for at least rising an everage revision level of 10


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