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Revision Clouds

Revision Clouds

Please make the revision clouds in Revit as beautiful as in AutoCAD. You can give an option to change the ARC LENGTH of revision cloud in the option bar (Instance Property). 


In Revit, the Arc Length can be changed in the Sheets/Revisions dialog

Manage Tab

  Additional Settings

    Sheet Issues/Revisions

       Arc Length (lower right corner)


Although, since you're using the word "beautiful", I suspect you don't like the fact that the Revit Arc is composed of two pieces - one twice as large as the other. That you can't change.


But you can change the overall size.

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Thanks for your reply. But my concern is, our clouds vary from very small rectangle shape to very big one. Eg: In structural plans, if we revise the slab thickness our cloud will be very small. If we do a major change in the layout our cloud will be bigger. For both we have to use the same arc length. So this looks ugly.
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So if they make ARC LENGTH as instance property (different for each cloud) in the OPTION BAR and keep the present setting as default/global. That will be useful.

Someone might posted this already but I wonder why the revision clouds have two different sized arcs and they look ugly unlikely AutoCAD.

I use a created family instead, but I want rev-clouds look nicer so that I can use it on schedule for clouds.


There might be some reasons so I want to know why Autodesk decided so.






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Revision clouds (in autocad) have historically had multiple sized arcs. In autocad you can set max and min (if you set to the same you get uniform clouds). Personally I like the variety of arc sizes, adding a min/max instead of a single arc size parameter would give the ability to have multiple size arcs or uniform sized. 


Alternatively, making the revision cloud a line-based annotation family that arrays based on the existing "arc length" would allow users to design their own rev. clouds into whatever they want!


I would like to see a revcloud that looks like the Calligraphy option in Autocad

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YES PLEASE ! Add the option to choose whether both arcs are similar or different! Calligraphy option would be nice as well, but the size issue is very annoying.


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Make revision cloud arc length at type parameter.  Sometimes a "one size fits all" arc length just does not work

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Guys, do not forget this is REVIT, with it creators' mentality 'This is what it is, we don't care what people want, live with this, this is not an AutoCAD etc...' There are tons of simple improvements Revit could have had for years and still nothing. Filled regions in sheets? Duplicate Sheets (also for different levels)? Use the same views in different sheets? scope boxes with different shapes then rectangular? haha you wish! We'll make your life hell and you can't do anything about it. You can 'vote' for changes and they might be implemented in 10yrs, well mabye. 




similar idea (not as good):

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similar idea (probably better):

otherwise would also have to make revision cloud types (or assign per revision?) like:


Autodesk Support

Posting this idea on behalf of a customer: Revision cloud annotations is 2-arc segment, and currently the length of the 2 segments are different, it will be great that there is an option to set the 2 segments with the same length.



The current look is good enough, however we really need to have the option to have different arc length settings per cloud instance.  It is NOT ok that when someone goes into the revision settings dialog and changes the arc length, that it then changes all clouds to that length.  It would be great if that setting was used as a default value for new clouds as they are being created, however it seems like going to a type or instance parameter for this value would be most beneficial.


There's a guy in our office who consistently clicks for every arc. It drives me nuts when I try to edit it to expand the cloud to cover more changes, but I can understand his reasoning - full control over arc size.


Another vote for "instance sizing" of cloud arc lengths. Even better if we can have a few different arc styles in addition to arc length control. But trying to juggle between an arc suitable for clouding a note change and an arc suitable to clouding a full detail or half the sheet is difficult.


Need the option to have a better or different revision cloud. Consistent sized arcs would be better.


I've seen coding added to Revit by a programmer that made revision clouds much better.  You could draw lines first and then convert them to a revision cloud.  And the revision cloud had arcs that looked the same as they do in AutoCAD, not the double arc seen in standard Revit.


If this can be done by an independent programmer, surely someone at Autodesk can do the same?

Also why not add more functionality.  Options to change the Revision Cloud type.  You could add revision cloud type parameters for arc length, line thickness, line colour, line type.  I'm not a genius but there must be at least one programming genius at Autodesk that can code this.  Step up to the mark please.  Please, please, pleeease.



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