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Revision Clouds in Schedules

Revision Clouds in Schedules

You should be able to add clouds inside schedule views, so if the schedule moves on the sheet the revision cloud moves with it.


Many ideas already mention making the schedule editor match appearance to the schedule on the sheet. There are already ideas to make schedule row height adjustable. One additional reason for these changes is that currently we add revision clouds to schedules on sheets, rather than in schedules. We often edit one line of a schedule in revision one. Then in revision two, we edit a row above the first edit. The new edit makes the text wrap, which expands the size of the schedule on the sheet. We then have to move the revision 1 cloud down on the sheet.


Schedule cells need to be able to have revisions assigned to them, to be rendered based on the schedule, and tagged based on the schedule rendering. 

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Support revision clouding in schedules to avoid any need for clouding in sheet (paperspace) views.

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Great idea jphung! The idea of being able to associate a cloud to a row in a schedule would be ideal. Adding information in the middle of a schedule causes you to have to adjust all of the clouds after that new information was added. 

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Please allow us to, or implement some way of, clouding panel schedule revision directly in the schedule view. For larger projects, changes become a burden due to having to hunt down the sheet on which it's placed and cloud directly on the sheet. 


I'll submit another idea for this, but I want to add it here too: Sheets should show the panel schedules on them in the Sheets browser. And, Panel Schedule "views" should show the referencing sheet in the view properties bar. 


Generally, panel schedules need a lot of love from the Autodesk team. 

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What I tend to do is add a Revision text parameter for the element and add a column for this at the end of the schedule. Then within that column for each issue I note the column numbers that have changed on that schedule line. You can also automate that process by keeping a copy of the previously issued schedule and comparing with the current version using Excel to generate this numbering fir each line (then input those values with Dynamo etc.). Revision clouds are not great for schedules anyway, they make the values hard to read. I would prefer to colour the text or background of the items in the schedule that have been revised instead.

The inverse would be useful as well: cloud schedules.


@steiner There's an Idea for that!

Scheduling Revision Clouds - Autodesk Community


Go ahead and add your vote!



Why not add the rev cloud/s on the sheet?, you should rev cloud sheets not views or schedules. I don't see a point in this!

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It would be great if there was a way to cloud schedules. Currently, if a cell shifts, the cloud won't move with it and it creates a lot of re-work. Would be great if we could cloud in the schedule somehow. 


@jrfrost Agreed. This would be a big time saver.


Yes, being able to have the revision cloud track with the schedule cell, column or row would be exceedingly helpful giving these clouds float in the views and must be manually moved to the updated schedule tables.


If there existed a way (similar to excel) to have a borders feature with a line style with a standard 3/32 or 3/8" arc revision that ties in with the Revit revision schedule now THAT would be amazing. 


It is difficult to cloud changes in a schedule because the information is constantly shifting. 




Provide option to highlight data in the schedule that has changed since pervious revision.

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They need to add the ability to assign a revision to each row in a schedule and then auto-cloud around that row when placed on the sheet.

If 2 or more consecutive rows are assigned the same revision it will join the cloud into one.


You should also have the option to show all revisions, current/most recent revisions, or none.


I would like schedules to track changes like MS Word.  Once the drawings are issued for construction we can enable "Track Revisions" in the schedule properties.  If I delete something like a door from a schedule, it leaves a blank row and puts a revision symbol to the left of the far left cell.   If I add a new door or change properties it adds a revision symbol to the left of the far left cell.  I don't necessarily need a revision cloud....I just need to indicate that it changed from the last document release.  And when I add new doors the revision symbol moves with it.

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