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Revision Cloud inside Legend View

Revision Cloud inside Legend View



Revision clouds are great! They pop up on the revison schedule as soon as you place them on a view sheet. Unless you place them inside a legend... Wait.. WHAT?!

The beauty of legend is that I can have them placed on 100 sheets, change one and it will change them all. but if that change needs to receive a delta and revision cloud, I cannot do it inside the legend view. (well, I can place the cloud inside the legend view, but Revit doesn't recognize it to place it in the Revision schedule.)


Revit God, Please fix this! Amen.





This is really important! I'd also like to be able to put a cloud inside a schedule. The way it is now: If I add a door and want to cloud that revision I have to do it on the sheet. If later I add another door my previous cloud or delta is in the wrong location. If things move around on the sheet my cloud and delta don't line up with the revision.


Thank you Joan.of.arch for your support! Let's try to give this suggestion more attention and votes! 


I suspect this has something to do with if revisions are numbered "Per Sheet" or "Per Project".  As a legend can be placed on multiple sheets, if its placed on two different sheets and one sheet already has revisions and the other doesn't, what number would revit use if the numbering is to be "Per Sheet".  This appears to be an internal programming issue.  Autodesk should simply warn the user that if "Per Sheet" is used, then revision clouds can't be placed in legends.  This should be a dumb simple fix.


@bjur Or even better: just respect the setting (no warning necessary). The tag would (potentially) show different numbers in the tag based on what Sheet the Legend is placed on.


What would the tag show when you open the Legend view directly (as opposed to activating a view on a Sheet)? Maybe just do what Revit does with other stuff (like referring views) - show the 1st and ignore the rest.


If they can't figure out how to get it to show right on screen, then just do some kind of substitution when printing (and maybe show a "#" on screen) - it's not like there aren't other things in Revit that aren't WYSIWYG (such as Phase Override Fills)!

Revit needs to find ALL COULDS in a set - not just those placed directly on SHEET views.  I cannot spend the time to make a revision AND THEN find the sheet view and cloud the revision on the sheet, what if my drawing or legend or note, etc. move?  this could does not follow it on the SHEET... it HAS to be made in the VIEW.   Therefore, Revit needs to find ALL Revit clouds, then figure out what SHEET a particular VIEW is placed on, and then tag the SHEET with the revision list.  


Ideally, it would be great if this could also be a Revit schedule that would update automatically if new revision clouds are added, and give me the ability / option to report the COMMENTS associated with each cloud as well, that I could then put in my drawing set. 


This is a good suggestion. Boy the Revit wishing well sure is a deep one, full of despair and hopelessness.


I think the problem here is the tension between:

  1. use a revision cloud in a legend to mark a change
  2. use a legend to introduce the reader to the idea of revision clouds

Use case "2" only happens once each set, ever.  We define revision clouds on our title sheet, and then all of our other uses of revision clouds in legends are for changes.


I'm not sure what a good UI implementation to solve this tension looks like, though.  (An instance parameter for a cloud not appearing in revision schedules?  Would that introduce too much possibility for error elsewhere?)


Hey Autodesk this post is from 2018. Im still experiencing this issue in the year 2023. Did you decide this wasn't important? Because it is. I shouldnt have to go to my sheet properties and turn on the revision for that sheet when I've clouded something in a legend. And it increases the likelihood of a mistake if the problem isn't noticed while I'm drafting on a sheet. And furthermore I should be able to edit a legend without even seeing a sheet but still having the sheets revision schedule populate on the sheet with the views. 



I think you can draw a cloud without using the actual cloud. Start with a 'real' revision cloud and then before clicking check, copy the cloud you just drew; then cancel the cloud. Start the detail line and then paste the cloud back in. You can find this on youtube somewhere. However, your point is probably why Revit won't read the cloud. And also, Revit won't let you do cloud easily using detail lines. They should fix this bug.  


@rzhouJAYXX Wow. I either had never heard of this, or totally forgot about it because we didn't need it...

FYI, even though it shows up as "Lines" only (no subcategory in parentheses, like "Lines (<Beyond>)", etc.), it gets the object styles from the <Thin Lines> line style. And because [Detail] "Lines" is on the "Model Categories" tab, it also is getting the LW from Model Line Weights (not Annotation Line Weights, like Revision Clouds), so (depending on your settings) the clouds might not be able to match your regular Revision Clouds, even using Override Graphics in View > By Element...

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