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Revision Cloud Annotation Linetype

Revision Cloud Annotation Linetype

It would be useful to be able to mark-up a drawing using a linetype that looks like a revision cloud so I can highlight to the other members of my team where my model has changed.


Currently the revision cloud only works for official issues and needs to be linked to an issue.

Please can you create a revision cloud line type that works in annotation.



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Thats possible Matthew,


Create a dummy revision or a temp. one.

Copy (Ctrl-C) the cloud within the revision environment

Get out of the revision environment (use x).

Paste (Ctrl-V) it in you sheet as a line . Voila!! You have the cloud.

Thanks for your idea.
We did try this, but it cannot be coloured in Red and each arc becomes a detail line so is quite messy. It is also quite time consuming if you have a lot of mark-ups and each revision cloud needs to be a different size.
Thanks, Matt

The feedback on this was a great idea, but official functionality is very necessary.


A circle will not do - as it looks like a column.

A square / rectangle will not do - as it looks like a column.

At the moment we are resorting to using RED symbols.


Please autodesk, we need this.




Add the ability to assign a linetype to revision clouds.

Currently you can create sub categories for revision clouds in object style, but there is no way to use them.

The attached image shows a place in the revisions GUI where the linetype can be applied.

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