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Reveal Warnings Tool

Reveal Warnings Tool

Revit needs a tool that will allow users to visually see which model elements have warnings, making it easier to select the elements and go straight to the warning. The current method of clicking on the warning and showing the elements in an open view is cumbersome and does not always work.


With the release of Revit 2020.1, we now have a tool tied to the path of travel tool that will reveal obstacles for that tool. We can now reveal hidden elements, show worksets, reveal constraints or other elements, but currently there is no built in tool to visual highlight model elements with warnings. Dynamo has this capability with as little as 4 nodes which I use to show users how many elements are affected by warnings.


The Reveal Warnings tool should be similar to Show Worksets, with color-coding based on warning severity:


Low - Warnings that have minor impact on model performance but should be reviewed (id stair height, room tags outside rooms, etc.)

Moderate - Warnings that have some impact on model performance and should be resolved

Severe - Warnings that highly affect the performance of the model and could cause corruption of left unresolved.


Can you share your graph for dynamo?


Here's my Dynamo script You'll need the Bang package for the Get Warnings node.




Here's the result:Revit-Warnings.png


And PLEASE let us copy the Element ID#(s) to the clipboard!

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where do I get the warning node from @JeremyWeber-NSPJ ??

thank you in advance



Hi @marcorabaglino, as stated in the original post, for the WarningTools.GetWarnings node you need to install the Bang package within Dynamo. This is shown on the left side of the screenshot.


There are a lot of threads relating to warnings that could do with being consolidated if possible... (@kimberly.fuhrman 😁)


I really like the idea of being able to colorize warnings in a view and it would relatively easy to expand on @JeremyWeber-NSPJ 's Dynamo script to do priority as well.  I also think there needs to be better interaction between the warnings dialogue and the actual elements.

  • Allow the Warnings Dialogue to remain active when dealing with warnings - the current workflow really necessitates having to write down the element IDs, close the dialogue, find the elements, resolve the warning, and go back to the warnings dialogue... tedious at best, time-wasting at worst... 
  • As others have said, being able to copy the element IDs would be helpful (generally) as would a select-by-element history dropdown to reselect recently selected elements.
  • Rather than 'show' the ability to 'select' the elements would be good.

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