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Reusable Visual Styles for Annotation Objects

Reusable Visual Styles for Annotation Objects

How many times have you created a filled region with a particular line style and fill only to find out at a later time that now you need to change the line style and you have 100 of those regions in your project? So you try Match Type Properties only to discover that you can preload the attributes brush but you can't apply the properties to any other detail items?


The only way to change this currently is to either change all 100 instances by hand or to override the line style. The first solution is not acceptable and the second is likely to have undesirable side effects if that same line style is used for some other purpose elsewhere in the project.


I would like to be able to define graphical object styles in a way that all modern vector based art editors do it. That is there is I can create new styles and maintain them as a list, each style allowing me to specify at least the stroke and fill and possibly gradient and other visual attributes such as transparency, which must be separate for stroke and fill. Other definable attributes would be line weight, pattern and possibly line termination shape (square, round) as well as termination symbols (arrows, dots, squares, etc).




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I had a related idea time ago, but it was Archived. I still wish to have this option some day.

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