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Retain Element ID when disjoining

Retain Element ID when disjoining

Element Id's are crucial for us when exporting data and reimporting.  Many third party software uses the element id as the handle for where to find data.  One thing we have found is if you Move an object and DISJOIN, it treats it like a copied element thus creating a new Element ID.  Why should this happen if you are simply moving it?  This fix would help greatly in exporting and importing of data correctly.


I didn't even know Revit did this. I just tried it myself cause I didn't believe you.

For sure this needs to be fixed.


A Mark for example will be deleted when you use Disjoin. Also, if you move a Legend on a Sheet and have Disjoin checked by mistake, Revit deletes the Legend and says "Sheet views cannot contain more than one instance of Legend X". Revit thinks you are copying the Legend. The Disjoin tool is programmed as a "Copy and Remove Original" tool.


We use micodesk or victaulic tools to disjoin the elements now.  The revit function has its drawbacks.

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