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Reset family types

Reset family types

Introduce a button to reduce any family edited to its current type.


Isn't that the idea behind purge to remove unused types?


@wr.marshall Yes, but I guess what Michael is alluding to is that if there are multiple types of a family, that they all merge into the selected family type while the superfluous families are purged at the same time.
If only we could do the same with all of his ideas (ha ha)


In a newly created family from an ootb template, the only known type is equal to the name the file is first saved as. Purging a family (remove unused) requires reading what exactly is about to be purged. Also it is an extra command in another ribbon that is not routinely available. I thought it to be beneficial to keep the idea text short and concise which may have been a wrong assumption.

The longer version would be that I thought of 'the button' like an additional minus symbol or double red x symbol next to the new, rename and delete buttons.

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