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Request for save option to older version in revit

Request for save option to older version in revit

Request for save option to older version in revi

I just tried using revit from older versions in my coaching class but some of the computer there has older or newer versions 🤔 


Because of that my friends can't share the file feom one system to another , I would be great if the developers could make options to save in older versions has if we convert to IFC FORMAT some model components change we are unable to see any parameters after conversion to IFC FORMAT 


So I'm requesting that is there any possibility of getting update regarding this in any upcoming versions 🤔 


Hi, @vishnurmdy ,


Please see Harlan's comment on the Revit Public Roadmap regarding backwards compatibility.


@kimberly.fuhrman I understand that this is something that is unlikely ever to happen, it still remains a great idea and a dear wish (You will probably find another version of this to be archived). One that is also very common and often implemented in other software coming from your house.

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