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Reporting parameter to be used in FORMULAS

Reporting parameter to be used in FORMULAS

this is the REVIT NORM,... you create something, want to write a small formula, then revit says

"A reporting parameter can be used in a formula only if it's dimension references are all to host elements in the family"


how many host elements are there, to dimension to in a family template??

for a Door / Window template,.. you have Width / Height / Host thickness that you can dimension too,

Width and Height are already type parameters,.. so we don't need them.....

seems the only reporting parameter that can now be used, is host thickness

so, one has to start writing long formulas, as a work around.


it's a REPORTING Parameter (which means it just reports values????? or NOT)

why can't we use these reporting parameter values for formulas???



I use them in formulas just fine.  You have to dimension to a modeled element, not the reference planes controlling them.


@MorteKaiDelta, I understand where you are coming from and I'm trying to think if there is a reason that this wouldn't work.  We're in the same situation, often we have lengthy formulas to calculate a value that Revit can work out for itself with a reporting parameter.  Given that a reporting parameter is in almost all cases going to be a turnout dim is there a good reason it can't be used in a formula... 

I need to go and have a think about this one... I'll vote it up for now.

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You have this problem because of the aligned dimension you created did not attach to the object (wall), you probably chose the centerline of the wall and set that as the parameter. So the system would not recognize it. Double check the align dimension you made.  'Tab' a couple of more times to select the wall.

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"A reporting parameter can be used in a formula only if it's dimension references are all to host elements in the family"

I did a parameter window opener for a curtain wall.

The solution I found was that I placed the dimension to a reference plane and then to the reference level 0 line (Black) instead of the reference plane line (Green). I used tab to select the green underlying reference plane and it worked.


It would be very useful for reporting parameters to be used in formulas - it goes back to to the need for nested families to be able to tell the host family a value.  For example, a nested object should be able to tell the host that it is 6" deep, so the host can use that 6" depth.  if the nested element changes, or is swapped by a <family type> parameter the host family needs to know that the nested element is now 10" so it can respond accordingly.


Still waiting on this limitation to be eliminated. I have a reporting parameter linked to adaptive points - ostensibly host elements in the family and Revit still messes up. Autodesk, get rid of it please. It's dumb.

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