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Report Accurate Volume of Concrete for Slab on Metal Decks (SOMD)

Report Accurate Volume of Concrete for Slab on Metal Decks (SOMD)

The request is that Revit properly calculate the volume of Slab on Metal Deck (SOMD) composite assemblies. Currently Revit does not take into consideration and subtract from the volume, the peaks and valleys of corrugated Metal Deck. The process of assigning the proper profile for the metal deck should make the concrete volume calculation possible and occur automatically.


Currently, manually created calculated values are necessary to properly determine the volume of concrete portion of a SOMD composite assembly.


@SeanZook: As you certainly already know, the corrugated metal decks have very intricate steel sections. Plus bumps and indentations along the length of the "valleys". To do precise concrete volume calculations for all those small variations would be very time consuming for too little benefit.

What if you decide to change the steeldeck profile (larger, deeper valleys, bigger indentations, etc)?

That's why all room volume calculations are turned off by default. Very time consuming. There is no real possibility (as of yet) to digitally sustain real-time time calculations of big, complex volumes of materials or voids.


But you are mostly right. Revit should do some approximations (bumps and indentations threshold) to ignore small variations of  surfaces and volumes all around the circumference of a solid. All those peaks and valleys can be easily approximated as truncated cuboids/prisms (so to speak).

I'd like to give this idea a little extra nudge. I understand the previous response noting that there are a wide array of steel profiles, but even an approach that provided a more accurate approximation than just ignoring the void altogether would be a step in the right direction.


Most material take-offs for a composite slab are likely over-estimating the concrete quantity by very large percentages (probably ~20%-30% or more in many cases). The argument of not wanting to deal with it because of differences in indentations and complexity in deck profiles doesn't seem sufficient here. 

I understand that an exact calculation of the volume for every profile would be computationally expensive, but what if the user could apply something along the lines of a void ratio to a 'Structural Deck' layer in a floor or roof assembly? This would then get accounted for on the back end during the volume calculation on a material takeoff. 


As accurate quantities (particularly as it pertains to concrete and embodied carbon) become more pertinent in the industry, it would be great to see some more attention on this front.

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