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Replace Views Drafting View

Replace Views Drafting View

Our company maintains a library of details, drafting views converted from CAD, basically.

Sometimes many views need to be updated all at once in a particular project.


Revit needs to be able to give me a choice, do I want to Overwrite the views or append with a number?

Overwrite views would help update without having to drag the new view to a sheet all over again, Or Inserting the 2D elements from one view to another one at a time, then deleting what you don't need (which gets tedious ).



Placing the new view on the sheet again isn't that big of a deal. Yes, it's humbug, but the REAL issue is that you have to track down all of the references to the old view and change them (VERY difficult to do manually). This would be a great feature to have - not just when loading views, but even with any views already in the project. Unfortunately, I can see Autodesk just saying "no" because it could be implemented as an add-in. Maybe you could post this to the app exchange ideas forum also?

I Think your saying the same thing i'm looking for, I just want to basically right click and replace a view with a different drafing view in my detail sheet so that I don't have to do the tedious, copy and paste the new information into the old detail's drafting view to avoid tracking down everywhere this detail may have been referenced.  same way one replaces a page in Bluebeam... 

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