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repeating details - linework (cmu/brick/etc.)

repeating details - linework (cmu/brick/etc.)

I have detail items, such as brick/cmu/etc. that you can turn on and off the linework as shown below.  

but the "Repeating Details " you can't do that.  






Is this an idea or are you asking for help? This does not seem like an idea.


Instance Parameters use the default value set in the family when part of a repeating detail.

Set those parameters in the family as type based, then make the corresponding types in the project and select the type you need for your repeating detail.


@Mike.FORM @htews  I read this as an idea/suggestion. It would be nice to be able to control instance/visibility parameters for repeating detail components the same way they are controlled for regular detail components.. for example, for the CMU repeating detail component shown above, it would be nice to have the ability to turn a grout filled region on/off with a visibility parameter instead of having 2 separate repeating detail components.

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