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Rename right click "cancel" to "finish" to complete a command

Rename right click "cancel" to "finish" to complete a command


Am I the only one who don't understand why you have to cancel or escape to finish a command?

If you are drawing something and making a mistake, you will want to cancel it. But right click/cancel validate the action.

So 1st thing: rename that right click 'cancel' with "finish" or "complete".

2nd thing, add a line with the possibility to cancel what was done.


For exemple, you press enter to finish and esc to cancel in autocad. Why on earth would you want to make different something so logical?


AutoCAD's UX in many ways more intuitive than Revit's UX design, like the close Polyline boundary example mentioned; So many features of AutoCAD could benefit Revit, albeit overall AutoCAD is arguably a much less evolved product.


ArchiCAD, (which suffers from a UI that has not improved in decades), has UX design that is vastly superior to both Revit and AutoCAD -- to use your example of Fill Tool / Filled Regions:

The close/finish is a seamless selection of the starting node, not clicking on anything else, and there's no reason to continue placing any further Nodes / Control Points, since these programs will not allow a fill to cross points;

For example, if you sketch an infinity symbol :infinity:️ Revit informs us "Lines cannot intersect each other. The highlighted lines currently intersect.", rather than closing the shape and creating two new shapes, which is most often the desired outcome.

It's worth noting ArchiCAD's' floating Pet Palette that make adding nodes/curves/segments/resize/etc effortlessly:



Vectorworks shares a very similar 'quick access tools' feature which is nothing like the Autodesk feature with the same name.  Autodesk FormIt has a right-click Context Menu, though you have to click to open it, whereas the competition's palette appears automatically when the cursor hovers over a sketch line:


Autodesk Maya also has a similarly intuitive contextual control menu.  The real question is, why doesn't Revit have these fundamentally important features yet ?

Excelente ideia! obrigado pelo envio @fruity101079 


I posted a similar idea - 'continuity'. On a film set, there's a person taking care of the way the set looks when film shoots are done on multiple days. In the credits, it's called 'Continuity'. The Revit UI needs a continuity manager as well. Lots of dialogs use different names, buttons, keys, texts etc. - all basically doing the same thing, but implemented different. Pretty annoying. And it seems not that difficult to solve. Just make a line-up of all dialogs, spot the differences and align them to one unified configuration. But it's just not happening...


Exactly. Or just use your f***ing software. A couple of hours is enough, you will notice all the inconsistencies and UI problems.

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