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Remove view from sheet and place on another

Remove view from sheet and place on another

It would be nice to drag a view that is on a sheet from the project browser, and the view is removed from the previous sheet and relocated to the selected sheet


Maybe I don't get it, but you already can drag a view from one sheet to another?


This is true, you can. I am referring to the ability to remove a view from a sheet by dragging directly from the project browser. So instead of receiving the pop up message of "this view is already on a sheet" Revit will ask "Would you like to relocate this view from sheet__ to current sheet __?" It would just be a nice alternative to having to locate the sheet the view is on before relocating. 

Status changed to: Implemented

Actually, @ycooper ,


This was just Implemented in Revit 2023.1! Thank you for your Idea submission!


-The Factory

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