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Remove "Minimize Panel Titles" from the Ribbon

Remove "Minimize Panel Titles" from the Ribbon

I suspect this won't get many upvotes, but only because not very many people know why this happens by accident frequently

There's a little button on the end of the Panel Titles that cycles through minimizing the Panels, then showing only the Tabs, then completely minimizing the Ribbon.
I recently found out that you can trigger that behavior by double-clicking to the right of that button as well.
In my Revit Beginners class, people get really confused when they double-click by accident and lose their Ribbon icons. I'm surprised at how often that happens.

While I can understand being able to chose how to show the Ribbon makes sense, I can't image that anyone changes it all that often.
That behavior should be set by an option in the Options dialog, NOT by (accidentally) double-clicking on the Tab area.


I have accidentally triggered that numerous time, it does not need a particularly fast double click so if you miss-click a command and then try again fairly quickish (and also miss the second time) you can trigger this very annoying behavior that then takes about 4 double clicks to get it back to how you want it.


I have seen a lot of novice users struggle with this as well. 


Same thing happens in my classes. Good idea. 


I have to deal with this a lot, both in class and in tech support calls.

Thanks, Dave!


I may have had this happen when first starting out also, but it's been a while (especially since I no longer click many buttons). However, it would probably be good to have some kind of "lock the Ribbon" option on that pull-down so that clicking on it (or double-clicking the blank area) will just open that menu (instead of making any switch), but I don't think it would be good to remove the icon completely/bury the feature in the options dialog - assuming that some people might actually use that functionality.


But do they? Giving it a second thought - since the factory's moving away from the Options bar, and putting more stuff in the contextual tab, maybe getting rid of this option isn't such a bad idea. Though better yet would be automatically expanding the contextual tab when something's selected (at least as an option). That way, people could still save screen space (if desired) without losing some pretty essential functionality.


I would just get rid of the 'double clicking the grey area collapses the ribbon' behavior. From my experience, that's the behavior that throws of a lot of new users.


As far as I'm concerned, the tiny button can stay.

 Thumbs up for this idea!


I use the tiny button all the time.  I didn't know that you could double click on the adjacent grey area for the same functionality.


I agree that the ideal solution here would be to preserve the tiny button but remove the extended double click area on the adjacent grey surface.

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