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Remove files from Home screen

Remove files from Home screen

Out of date, undesired, or obsolete files are often left on the Revit Home screen.

Is is possible to delete a file reference from the Revit.Ini file, but we really don't want people to be messing around in there.

I'd like to be able to right-click on a file on the Home screen, and remove it from the Recent Files list


good and simple idea! I hope it will be implemented to Revit because it's useful for the presentation or education process when you need a clean home page.


Maybe you've had this problem before where you have to "save as" your model for a client and it now remembers that model in your recent files.  You should be able to have the option right-click on a thumbnail and "Forget" so it is not inadvertently opened again.


Agreed this should be built into Revit by right clicking the same way you can do it in any microsoft office product and basically any other program that has a recents list.


Currently the only way to do this is by editing the revit.ini file as outlined here.

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