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Remember column widths in dialog boxes.

Remember column widths in dialog boxes.

Posting this on behalf of a customer.

Every time some of the dialog boxes like Line Styles, Annotation categories, Imported categories, etc. are opened, all of the columns appear to be bunched up on the left side of the dialog box. This seems to be happening in all versions of Revit. The users need to take the time to resize the columns in order to read the content clearly. The overall size of the dialog box is remembered but not the induvial column widths.

Once the dialog box is closed, Revit does not remember the adjusted column widths and users need to resize the widths all over again. It would be great if Revit could remember the column widths once they are adjusted and also remember them in-between Revit sessions. This would allow the users to customize the dialog boxes as per their preference once and not have to think about or do it every time they open the dialog boxes.

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The Manage Links dialog should remember column widths when adjusted/resized by the user.

Current behavior (though at least Revit 2009, it appears) is:

  • the user goes into the manage links dialog
  • user resizes the column widths (usually for visibility of additional information)
  • user closes dialog
  • the next time the user reopens the dialog, the column widths are back to the default. 

This is particularly painful, because the "saved path" column default width is generally only adequate to display a small portion of the file location path, especially with network file locations that are many subfolders deep. (for example, my company standard is something like X:\Project year\Project Number and Name\Analysis or Production\Discipline (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, etc)\Revit or AutoCAD\Date and description of shared linked files\Subfolder...) 

Generally, only the "X:\year\Project Number-Name\Production" are visible at the default field width.

As a result, I usually make the "Saved Path" column much wider than the default so I can see the entire linked file path.


In addition, the default columns "Status", "Reference Type", and "Path Type" have a fixed set values that take up less than half the default column width. The "Positions not saved" column is only a checkbox, and has roughly the same width as the other default column widths.  All of these result in a huge amount of wasted space in the dialog.


I understand that this is relative to the system fonts and the Windows resolution, but "remembering" the column widths in the Manage Links dialog would allow the user to customize the dialog to their preferences/situation once and never have to think about or do it again.


Thanks for listening-



The same thing applies to the Revision dialog box - the Description box needs stretching right out inorder to see anything more than a couple of words.


I just tried to vote for this again, not realized that I had voted for it before! This would be a great update. 


Please, we need this so bad. I'm in and out of visibility graphics all the time and having to resize the columns just to see what Revit link I'm working with is extremely frustrating. 

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